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Susan Vitello

Susan Vitello

Susan Vitello has over thirty years of experience in the marketing and sale of real estate in two different states. She is a licensed attorney and real estate broker. She is the managing broker for VSD Real Estate.

Licensed Real Estate Agent
Michigan 1978 – 1994
Illinois 2006 – Present (Licensed Managing Broker of VSD Real Estate, Ltd.)

Licensed Attorney
Illinois 1999 – Present

Personally, Susan has been successfully investing in real estate for over thirty years.

As a Broker representing a client who wishes to purchase real estate as an investment, Susan uses her vast knowledge and experience in the real estate industry to assist her client in purchasing the right real estate investment. She will present the best and latest information and thoroughly explain the data, so each client will feel confident in their decision. Susan will make certain the client understands and has performed complete due diligence before making an offer on an investment.

As a Broker representing a client who wishes to sell their real estate, Susan calls on over thirty years of experience in marketing and successfully selling real estate. Susan has successfully sold real estate in every economic market including three recessions and two boom markets, and every type of real estate from farm and rural to urban and suburban, residential to commercial.

“Purchasing real estate for an investment shouldn’t be a gamble or risk. My reputation precedes me because I am well respected by my clients and peers. My clients come to me because of my expertise, legal knowledge, and my experience and familiarity with the local area, and the markets and trends that affect the real estate market and investing for profit. I am committed to service with an emphasis on accountability, reliability, timeliness and enthusiasm. I am dedicated to providing my clients with all the information necessary to help them make real estate investment decisions throughout the changing market cycles, which in turn helps them make profitable investments in real estate.”

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